CD: Colonial Families of the United States of America, Volumes 1-7


CD: Colonial Families of the United States of America, Volumes 1-7 - George Norbury Mackenzie and Nelson Osgood Rhoades. Each volume presents family surnames in alphabetical order and includes a full name index of family members. Family information includes lineage, births, deaths, marriages, children, grandchildren, residence, personal information, and each family coat of arms, crest and motto.

***Volume 1—Contains 136 surnames such as Averill, Brome, Cary, Eyerman, Gantt, Hord, Kennedy, Mackenzie, Paca, Quisenberry, Rorison, Snowden, Tayloe, Veazey, and Whitridge.

***Volume 2—Contains 114 surnames such as Allerton, Bayless, Chapline, De La Vergne, Eden, Furman, Glidden, Kunkel, Lyman, Meigs, Poole, Sprigg, Trundle, Van Nest, and Wheelock.

***Volume 3—Contains 105 family surnames such as Abbe, Bancker, Cadwalader, De Wolf, Gover, Hazard, Iredell, Karrick, Lowndes, Ogle, Phippeney, Rawlings, Teed, Wells, and Yardley.

***Volume 4—Contains 86 family surnames including Ballou, Chapin, Doty, English, Gallaher, Hite, Isham, Janeway, Keim, Laidley, Munn, Nicklin, Payson, Tuttle, and Whiteley.

***Volume 5—Contains 96 family surnames some of which are Amory, Bostwick, Courtright, Darlington, Ewell, Faxon, Hallowell, Izard, Kellogg, Lippincott, Macnutt, Prall, Quakenbos, Shufeldt, and Van Guysling. This volume also contains the Passenger lists from “The Ark,” “The Dove,” and “The Mayflower.”

***Volume 6—Contains 82 family surnames including Atkinson, Betts, Capp, Deming, Gist, Hundley, Kelton, Lyman, Mould, Presby, Roach, Saltonstall, Tilghman, Venable, and Whipple. ***Volume 7—Contains 69 surnames including Ahles, Bowie, Cooch, Doneghy, Ellegood, Gay, Helm, Jeffries, Lee, Marine, Ruggles, Southgate, Talcott, Van Santvoord, and Wilbur.

(1912) 2001, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 5036 pp.

101-CD1874 ISBN: 0788418742