CD: Virginia, Volume 7: Shenandoah Valley


A valuable genealogical resource for researchers of Shenandoah Valley families.

***Shenandoah County, Virginia: A Study of the 1860 Census, Volumes 1-4 (1993, 1994, 1996, 1998). These volumes organize census data by dwelling number and family number for each family. This is followed by detailed biographical information covering nearly every individual in each household. Volume 1 contains over 500 dwellings in Edinburg, Woodstock, Edinburg District and Powells Fort. Volume 2 contains over 250 dwellings in Powells Fort, Edinburg District and Mt. Jackson. This volume also contains a number of photographs and illustrations of original dwellings. Volume 3 contains not only family data and illustrations but also histories of the land and area where they lived. Volume 4 contains data on over 250 households as well as a number of illustrations.

***Shenandoah County: The 1870 Census (1994). Contains the entire census as it was originally compiled. It includes all 14,924 residents of the county in 1870. Detailed charts summarize personal economic worth and property value; others reflect where individuals were born and how they were employed. Assembled data depicts the number and status of blacks and women in the county after the war. More charts and a county map reflect the census districts or townships as they existed in 1870. In all five volumes, full name indices are included along with the dwelling number to make the search for relatives easier.

Marvin J. Vann

2001, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 2347 pp . 

ISBN: 9780788419515