CD: Our Maryland Heritage, Book 16: The White Families


This work is sixteenth in a series about Maryland families. The author, already well known for his works on the Brandenburg, Browning, Burdette, Fry, Fulks, Hines, Hurley, King, Lewis, Lowder, Maddox, Miles, Niekirk, Perry, Pratt, Purdum, Soper, Stottlemyer, Walker, Warfield and Watkins families, now turns his attention to the White families.

Following the custom of the earlier works in this series, the book begins with a look at the early history of the Maryland Colony and the formation of the counties and discusses the earliest records of the White family found in Maryland references, including the Census of 1776. Chapters 2 though 10 explore the descendancies of nine individuals, beginning with Guy White, 1st, who arrived in Maryland in 1648 as an indentured servant and died c.1676. Chapters are included on various branches of the White family in Montgomery Co. as well as miscellaneous family members from all over the state of Maryland. Additionally, a chapter is dedicated to White family members settled in Loudon Co., Virginia, before and after the Civil War. With a fullname index for easy access to information, this volume is an essential resource for researching your White family roots.

William Neal Hurley, Jr.

2002, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, index, 316 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421389