CD: The History of Marion County, Ohio

CD: The History of Marion County, Ohio, Containing a History of the County: Its Townships, Towns, Churches, Schools, etc.; General and Local Statistics, Military Record, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men - Leggett, Conaway and Company . Alphabetically arranged biographical sketches of the founding families, from the early to late 1800’s, of each of the fifteen townships comprising Marion County are presented in narrative form. Hundreds of families are represented, and this work contains thousands of names. The amount of information varies in the sketches, but each includes some or all of the following: head of family with place and date of birth and his or her parents’ names and origins; places of residence; schooling; occupation; marriage date; death date; name(s) of spouse(s); spouse’s parents’ names and origins; spouse’s birth date; children (occasionally children’s birth and death dates and spouses’ names); political and religious affiliation; military service; community activities. In addition, histories of townships frequently include lists of town officers, businessmen, religious society members, Masonic lodge members, association members, public school teachers, physicians. A separate section on military history includes a Civil War soldiers’ roster. A general history of the county covers geographical features, Indians, early settlement, pioneer life, reminiscences of prominent citizens, transportation, religion, the press, politics, etc. For reasons of economy we exclude the first 200 pages of this volume, which are stock histories of the Northwest Territory and the state of Ohio. 2002, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 909 pp. 101-CD2154 ISBN: 0788421549