CD: Our Ewing Heritage, with Related Families-Revised Edition


This CD-ROM contains a new addendum with many more names. Any reader who has ancestry with the name Ewen, Ewin, Ewan, Euen or Ewing can relate to the history and genealogy in this book. Thorough research has revealed the origin of the name, clan characteristics, coats of arms, and the migration from Scotland to Ireland and then to America. The first American ancestors settled in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana, but the genealogical section extends up to the present and encompasses the entire United States. Chapters devoted to specific men and their families include: Nathaniel b. c. 1693 Ireland; William b. 1665 Scotland; Henry, who settled in Ewingsville, Queen Anne County, MD; John b. c. 1648 Ireland; Samuel, who arrived in Maryland as early as 1695; Joshua d. 1753 MD; James b. c. 1650 Scotland; Alexander of Fort Wayne, IN; Henry of Chester County, PA; and others. Ewing births and marriages, covering every state in the Union, occupy 95 pages. The book is fully indexed and contains many old illustrations such as those of Stirling Castle in Scotland and Nathaniel Ewing who came to Maryland c. 1727. Both authors are descendants of one of the Ewing family branches and the book is dedicated to their great-grandfather, Henry Harvey Ewing.

Betty Jewell Durbin Carson and Doris M. Durbin Wooley

1996, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, index, 1300 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421853