CD: Alexandria and Alexandria (Arlington) County, Virginia: Minister Returns and Marriage Bonds, 1801-1852


Now on CD-ROM! Formally established as a town in 1749, Alexandria grew into "the economic, social-political and ecclesiastical epicenter of Northern Virginia. …Besides its commercial and maritime importance, Alexandria was a center of early church activity…Besides administering to the spiritual needs of their congregations, the Alexandria clergy were frequently requested to perform the sacrament of marriage. The record of these marriages forms the basis of this volume. …Few Alexandria marriage records have survived prior to 1801…The current list of Marriage Bonds and Minister Returns have been transcribed from ten rolls of microfilm prepared by the Virginia State Library and available at the Alexandria Library, Lloyd House. …Bonds were first required in Virginia in 1660. All persons wishing to be married had to post a bond and secure a license from the county clerk stating that there was no legal impediment to prevent the marriage. The clerk would then prepare the license and it would be presented to a minister who would conduct the service." This volume includes a list of Alexandria ministers and their church affiliation. and is divided into two sections: Minister Returns and Marriage Bonds. In each section, the grooms are listed alphabetically by their surnames. To find brides, bondsmen, parents, and aliases, the researcher can check the fullname index provided at the end.

T. Michael Miller

(1987), CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v5, PC and Mac, 218 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422089