CD: The Kappa Alpha Order 1865-1897: How It Came to Be Southern

CD: The Kappa Alpha Order 1865-1897: How It Came to Be Southern - Gary Thomas Scott. Now on CD-ROM! Gary Thomas Scott became a member of KA while a student at Southwestern University. During the tumultuous 1960s, his interest in the fraternity's origins and its impact on Southern society led him to choose the early history of KA as his thesis topic for his master's degree in Southern History from the University of North Carolina. "This work is primarily an attempt at answering several simple questions: How and why did Kappa Alpha Order, one of several college fraternities established in the South after the Civil War, come to see itself as an organization devoted to the preservation of certain Southern "ideals and principles," i.e. myths or folk attitudes? What were these myths or attitudes which the fraternity sought to preserve? How did KA aid in the portage of these attitudes from one generation to another? And how, in turn, did these selected attitudes work to shape the organization?" The author hopes "that this attempt to decipher 'the mind of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity' will shed some light on the 'mind of the New South.'" An authority on the Kappa Alpha ritual, he has served on ritual revision committees and has interpreted the Order's history to KAs for more than two decades. (1994), 2003, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 142 pp. 101-CD2209 ISBN: 078842209x