CD: Genealogical Periodical Annual Index: Key to the Genealogical Literature, Volume 31-40, 1992-2001


CD: Genealogical Periodical Annual Index: Key to the Genealogical Literature, Vol. 31-40, 1992-2001 - The mass of valuable reference material published in genealogical periodicals each year is quite astounding, but it is difficult to search without a comprehensive index. Genealogical Periodical Annual Index has been providing a comprehensive surname, locality, and topical index to over 300 major English-language genealogical periodicals for the past forty years.

This CD-ROM includes the ten volumes of GPAI published over the past decade. Each volume can be searched individually, as is done with the cloth bound library editions, but the volumes on this CD are all electronic text, so the entire decade can be searched by means of a single master electronic index which makes it very easy to use. Since GPAI indexes book and CD reviews, as well as all substantive periodical articles, it is an important key to the genealogical literature that can be utilized by all genealogical and historical researchers. The citations in GPAI are of three basic types: surname, locality, and topical. Bible records, family records, and genealogies are indexed under the name of the male progenitor. The citation gives his date of birth or some other vital statistic if possible, identifies his wives, and indicates the places the family lived. Record abstracts are indexed under the appropriate geographical headings, such as state, county, town. Articles which do not fit under the foregoing headings are indexed under the appropriate topical heading such as African American (and other ethnic groups), Civil War (and other wars), computer genealogy, immigration, medical, methodology (including all kinds of how-to subjects). Quakers (and other religious groups), etc. With the new electronic search capability, all kinds of searches are now much easier. All the citations include a description of the type of record, i.e., Bible record, genealogy, book review, newspaper abstracts, city directory, obituary, military records, school records, census records, etc. The citation also identifies the periodical, volume, issue, and page number where the article begins. A directory of the periodicals indexed is provided, so the researcher can acquire copies of articles of interest. This ELECTRONIC TEXT CD-ROM uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

2002, CD, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 3694 pp.

101-CD2234 ISBN: 0788422340