CD: A Complete Record of the John Olin Family

CD: A Complete Record of the John Olin Family - C. C. Olin. The First of that Name Who Came to America in the Year A. D. 1678. Containing an Account of their Settlement and Genealogy up to the Present Time 1893 by C. C. Olin. In 1678, at 14 years of age, John Olin was arrested on the coast of Wales and forced aboard a British man-of-war that later landed in Boston Harbor, where he deserted at the first opportunity and migrated to Rhode Island. He built a life in East Greenwich, married Susanna Spencer in 1708 and established his family there. His children’s families branched out into the towns of Shaftesbury and Bennington, VT. Chapters consist of historical narrative followed by genealogical and biographical information into the seventh generation and beyond. A General Index details the family members included in each chapter. A Post Office Directory, an appendix containing the reminiscences of the life of C. C. Olin, author and historian, and nearly 100 portraits are included. (1893), 2003, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 415 pp. 101-CD2317 ISBN: 0788423177