CD: The Civil War through the Camera, Volume One, Parts 1-8 and Volume Two, Parts 9-16


For many years one of America's most memorable publishing events has remained a hallmark in the annals of photographic history. This set of books is most notable for its superb photographs by the famous Matthew B. Brady and Alexander Gardner. Sponsored proudly by the Civil War Semi-Centennial Society, the goal was to make available photographic coverage of Civil War scenes and figures never disclosed before to broad public view. The accompanying text is Elson's New History by Henry W. Elson, professor of history at Ohio State University. The quality of writing and concise, unbiased coverage of the Civil War provides a most suitable supplement to the photographs. Even today it gives readers generations away from the war a highly readable, factual and balanced account of what happened.

Vol. One, Parts 1-8 report on the beginning of the conflict at Fort Sumter, the leaders of both sides, Bull Run, the Fall of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, Shiloh - the First Grand Battle, The Monitor, "Stonewall" Jackson in the Shenandoah, Stuart's Raid, Antietam, Murfreesboro, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and other important episodes.

Vol. Two, Parts 9-16 include Gettysburg, Fort Sumter, the Capture of Charleston, Chickamauga and Chattanooga, Battles on Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, the Struggle in the Wilderness, the Red River Expedition of May 1864, the Battle of Mobile Bay, Spotsylvania and the "Bloody Angle," The Attack and Repulse at Cold Harbor, the March to Atlanta, the Last Conflicts in the Shenandoah, the Battle of Cedar Creek, Petersburg, Sherman's Final Campaigns, the March to the Sea, Fort Fisher Captured, the Last of the Blockade Runners, the Last Invasion of Tennessee, Appomattox and Lee's Surrender.

Henry W. Elson

(1912-1913) 1994, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 538 pp .

ISBN: 9780788423185