CD: The Parish Registers of St. Antholin, Budge Row, London


CD: The Parish Registers of St. Antholin, Budge Row, London, containing the Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials from 1538 to 1754; and of St. John Baptist on Wallbrook, London, containing the Baptisms and Burials from 1682 to 1754 - Joseph Lemuel Chester, D.C.L., LL.D. & Geo. J. Armytage, F.S.A. . Now on CD-ROM! The Church of St. Antholin was rebuilt by Sir Thomas Knowles (Lord Mayor of London in 1399 and 1410) and his son, Thomas Knowles. It was repaired in 1616 and again in 1682, due to damage suffered in the great fire of 1666. The building was demolished in 1874 and annexed to St. Mary Aldermary. The Church of St. John Baptist was originally built in 1412, burned down in the fire of 1666, and, annexed to St. Antholin, the site served as a churchyard for the inhabitants of both parishes. Original full name and place index.

(1883) 2003, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, index, 268 pp.

101-CD2387 ISBN: 0788423878