CD: Early Mississippi Records: Volume 2


This CD includes six books featuring early Mississippi records.

Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations, A-Z, 1991. A little known source of Mississippi genealogical information are the Confederate grave registrations available on microfilm at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. These are records of Confederate soldiers, many serving in other states during the Civil War, but who died and are buried in Mississippi. Death dates range from Civil War days into the 1930s. Though some tombstones give only the soldier's name and service unit, the registration card has additional information of interest to genealogical researchers. The author included only a small part of the information in this book, with the hope that the readers will be able to use it as an index and be able to determine whether or not a registration card, which can be ordered from the archives, is available for their ancestor.

Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900, 1989. Over 10,000 wills are indexed in this volume from the earliest will found in 1800 through 1900. The date used was the probate date in almost all cases; if a date was not given, an estimate was used from the wills on surrounding pages. In an effort to be as accurate as possible, the author listed each possible name spelling. Some wills are recorded in more than one county, the county of the testator and the county of an heir. Only a small number of people left wills and some were lost in courthouse fires or through other circumstances. Also wills were found in probate books, marriage books, inventory books, and other unusual places, so it is possible that some wills escaped detection. That the author was able to compile an alphabetized list of over 10,000 names is remarkable.

Marriages and Deaths From Mississippi Newspapers. As a professional researcher, Ms. Wiltshire saw the value of compiling marriages and deaths in order to save other researchers hours of effort to locate a missing ancestor or extend a family line another generation. All notices were abstracted from newspapers available at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Volume 1 extracted notices for the northern half of Mississippi covering the years 1837-1863. Volumes 2-4 are concerned with the southern half covering the years 1801-1850 in Volume 2, 1813-1850 in Volume 3 and 1850­-1861 in Volume 4. Occasionally births and divorces were also noted. There are also many notices of marriages and deaths in neighboring states, especially Louisiana. The Archives continue to add newspapers to their microfilm collection, so even though your ancestor may not be listed in these volumes, you can continue your research through the Archives. Volume 1: 1837-1863, 270 pp., 1987; Volume 2: 1801-1850, 291 pp., 1989; Volume 3: 1813-1850, 274 pp., 1989; Volume 4: 1850-1861, 270 pp., 1990.

Betty Couch Wiltshire

(1987-1991), CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 1782 pp.

ISBN: 9780788425080