CD: Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812


CD: Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812; Or, Illustrations, By Pen And Pencil, Of The History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, And Traditions Of The Last War For American Independence - Benson J. Lossing. Mr. Lossing "traveled more than ten thousand miles…visiting places of historic interest connected with the War of 1812, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, gathering up, recording, and delineating every thing of special value, not found in books…and making himself familiar with the topography and incidents of the battlefields of that war." Through access to the archives of governments, state and national, and to private collections and personal accounts of the events of that struggle, which otherwise might have been lost, he received the most interesting information concerning the war. "An account is given of the perils of the country immediately succeeding the Revolution; the struggles of the new nation with the allied powers of British and Indians in the Northwest; the origin and growth of political parties in the United States, and their relations to the War of 1812; the influence of the French Revolution and French politics in giving complexion to parties in this country; the first war with the Barbary Powers; the effects of the wars of Napoleon on the public policy of the United States; the Embargo and kindred acts, and the kindling of the war in 1812."

A subject, place and fullname index plus a list of illustrations covering the page numbers of over 800 drawings and maps placed throughout the text allow the researcher easy access to information.

(1868), 2004, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 1086 pp .

101-CD2554 ISBN: 0788425544