CD: History of the Baptists in Maine

CD: History of the Baptists in Maine - Henry S. Burrage. Noted scholar, Henry S. Burrage gathered information for this history from the minutes of the Maine Baptist Missionary Convention and of various associations in the state, from the files of Zion's Advocate in the library of Colby College, and from the library of the Maine Historical Society and of the Newton Theological Institution as well as his own extensive library. His research yielded such chapters as Civil land Ecclesiastical Beginnings in Maine; Rev. William Screven and the Baptists at Kittery; The Reappearance of Baptist Views; The Freewill Baptist Movement; Potter, Macomber, Case; The New Hampshire Association; Beginnings of the Bowdoinham Association; Missionary Activity; Better Days; Further Expansion; Educational Beginnings; Beginnings of Foreign Missionary Work; Progress of the Churches; Waterville College; The Maine Baptist Missionary Society and the Maine Baptist Convention; Maine Baptist Education Society; Zion's Advocate; Sunday Schools; Temperance Reform; Anti-Slavery Agitation; Maine Baptist Missionary Convention; Maine Baptist Education Society; Colby College; Increasing Interest in Foreign Missions; The Baptists of Maine and Home Missions; The Academies; The Churches from the Close of the Civil War; and A Glance Backward and Forward. An extensive table of contents and a subject, place and everyname index provide easy access to information. Numerous illustrations of people and places highlight the history. (1904), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 559 pp. 101-CD2630 ISBN: 0788426303