CD: Old and New St. Louis; A Concise History


Of the Metropolis of the West and Southwest, with a Review of its Present Greatness and Immediate Prospects

The concise history, which occupies the first eleven chapters of this volume, presents the occurrences which make St. Louis a great metropolis. Chapter One concentrates on the Old St. Louis from the founding of the trading post in 1764 to the adoption of the city scheme and charter in 1876. Chapter Two presents the New St. Louis, beginning with the city's second birth. Chapter Three summarizes the manufacturing interests while Chapter Four shows the importance of trade and commerce. Chapters Five and Six concentrate on transportation: railroad and river facilities and rapid transit. Chapter Seven follows the influence of associations, conventions and commercial organization on the growth of the city, while Chapter Eight shows the influence of finance and banking. Chapters Nine and Ten show the growth of the city though building improvements and municipal development and Chapter Eleven finishes the history with all of the social developments involving education, art, libraries, churches, music, theaters, clubs, the bench and bar, medicine and journalism. The biographical appendix completes the volume by presenting the lives and achievements of prominent men in the city accompanied by hundreds of portraits. A fullname index allows easy access to each individual in the biographical appendix.

James Cox

(1894), 2006, CD Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 692 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788426339