CD: The History of Hardin County, Ohio, Containing: A History of the County

CD: The History of Hardin County, Ohio, Containing: A History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Churches, Schools, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Military Record; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; History of the Northwest Territory; History of Ohio; Miscellaneous Matters, Etc., Etc - Warner, Beers and Co. This volume is divided into five parts. Part One begins with a history of the Northwest Territory and Part Two deals with the history of Ohio. Part Three begins the history of Hardin County with a chapter on the Mound-Builders, followed by a similar sketch of the Indian tribes and their conquest. The first white settlers and pioneers endured their trials and hardships to build a home in the beautiful forests of Hardin County. Their efforts to establish towns, villages and townships, civil organizations, churches, schools, societies and manufacturing interests are highlighted. Part Four details the histories of each township: Round Head, Taylor Creek, Blanchard, Dudley, Goshen, Cessna, Pleasant, Hale, Marion, Jackson, Washington, McDonald, Liberty, Buck and Lynn. Part Five turns to the personal lives of prominent men and women in each township. Numerous illustrations of these citizens and scenes of the county add interest. (1883), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 1063 pp. 101-CD2692 ISBN: 0788426923