CD: Old Landmarks and Historic Fields of Middlesex [Massachusetts]


Not intended as a history or list of chronological events but rather "a series of historic-colloquial rambles among the memorable places of Old Middlesex," Samuel Adams Drake takes the reader down Colonial highways, recounts traditions and discusses men and events. He concentrates on places and people made famous by the events of the Revolution, especially the eleven month campaign for the possession of Boston. He is proud of the fact that Middlesex has contributed a Vice-President, Cabinet Minister, Senator, and three of the eleven Representatives to which Massachusetts is entitled in its councils. Chapter One discusses the Gateway of Old Middlesex; Chapter Two-An Hour in the Government Dockyard; Chapter Three-Bunker Hill and the Monument; Chapter Four-The Continental Trenches; Chapter Five-The Old Wayside Mill; Chapter Six-The Plantation at Mystic Side; Chapter Seven-Lee's Headquarters and Vicinity; Chapter Eight-Old Charlestown Road, Lechmere's Point, and Putnam's Headquarters; Chapters Nine and Ten-A Day at Harvard; Chapter Eleven-Cambridge Camp; Chapter Twelve-Cambridge Common and Landmarks; Chapter Thirteen-Headquarters of the Army; Chapter Fourteen-Old Tory Row and Beyond; Chapter Fifteen-Mount Auburn to Nonantum Bridge; Chapter Sixteen-Lechmere's Point to Lexington; Chapter Seventeen-Lexington to Concord; Chapter Eighteen-The Retreat from Concord; Chapter Nineteen-A Fragment of King Philip's War; and Chapter Twenty-The Home of Rumford. Numerous illustrations accompany the text including a map of Colonial Boston and its environs of a century ago. 

Samuel Adams Drake

(1895), 2006, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 458 pp.

ISBN: 9780788427169