CD: Medford in the Revolution. Military History Of Medford, Massachusetts. 1765-1783

CD: Medford in the Revolution. Military History Of Medford, Massachusetts. 1765-1783. Also List Of Soldiers And Civil Officers, With Genealogical And Biographical Notes - Helen Tilden Wild. Although of few pages, this book is a valuable resource for military history and genealogy in Medford, Massachusetts. The first chapter details how Medford took a stand and chose between king and colony. Town records reveal various committees formed to deal with defense, communication and supplies as well as the first company of Minute Men formed from the inhabitants of Medford. This chapter also details the battles and campaigns as well as the efforts of those citizens left behind. This little town of less than a thousand inhabitants furnished over two hundred men to serve their country. The next chapter lists the soldiers and sailors credited to Medford in alphabetical order. Each listing gives the soldier or sailor's date of enlistment and length, his parents, his age, his occupation, his wife and children if applicable and date of death if known. The next chapter lists patriotic citizens, civil officers and others, who were not soldiers, but who aided the cause of freedom through loans to town, state or national government. This listing also includes genealogical and biographical information for each individual. A final listing includes soldiers who resided in Medford before or after the war. (1903), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 70 pp. 101-CD2873 ISBN: 078842873x