CD: My Story of the War: A Woman's Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience as Nurse in the Union Army

CD: My Story of the War: A Woman’s Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience as Nurse in the Union Army, and in Relief Work at home, in Hospitals, Camps, and at the Front, During the War of the Rebellion. With Anecdotes, Pathetic Incidents and Thrilling Remininscences Portraying the Lights and Shadows of Hospital Life and the Sanitary Service of the War - Mary A. Livermore. Historians and biographers have told the stories of the great battles, the glorious victories and devastating defeats, the heroic actions of famous generals and captains in the war that split a nation. In this book Mrs. Livermore strives to tell the stories of the private soldier, sketches of the rank and file, the patriotism, deeds and sacrifices of the men and women who remained at home, and the hard work and heroism of the women who strove to care for and improve the care of the soldiers in hospitals and in camps. Throughout the war, Mrs. Livermore contributed sketches of all events connected with the Sanitary Commission and long letters from the front to her husband's Chicago newspaper and other periodicals and magazines in the Northwest. She wrote letters for the sick, wounded and dying soldiers, wrote personal letters to friends and families at home, edited the monthly bulletins of the Chicago Branch of the Sanitary Commission, and answered every soldier's letter that she received. Through her husband's efforts to preserve all publications, letters and diaries, Mary Livermore was able to create this collection of experiences and reminiscences that is her story (c1865), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 700 pp. 101-CD2890 ISBN: 078842890X