CD: Representative Citizens of Connecticut Biographical Memorial


"The State of Connecticut has been the scene of events of vast importance, and the home of some of the most illustrious men of the nation. Her sons have shed luster upon her name in every profession and calling; and wherever they have dispersed they have been a power of ideal citizenship and good government. Their names adorn every walk of life,-in art, science, statesmanship, government, in advanced industrial and commercial prosperity. Their achievements constitute an inheritance upon which the present generation has entered, and the advantages secured from so great a bequeathment depend largely upon the fidelity with which is conducted the study of the lives of those who have transmitted so precious a legacy. The province of the present work is that of according due recognition to many leading and representative citizens who have thus reflected honor upon their State and community. It cannot but have a large and increasing intrinsic value, in its historic utility, in the interest attaching to the subject matter, and in the inspiration derived from the record of worthies of the past who have largely made the Nation and the State what they are today. For by far the greater part, the narratives embrace detailed information drawn immediately from family records, and publishers and readers will alike gratefully recognize the interest and loyalty to the memory of their forbears, that moved the custodians of such information to thus place in preservable accessible form records which would otherwise be lost."

Samuel Hart, D. D., D. C. L.

(1916), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 623 pp.

ISBN: 0788429264