CD: The Old Colony Town and Other Sketches

CD: The Old Colony Town and Other Sketches - William Root Bliss. This delightful history is written in an entertaining style that is a joy to read. History lovers will appreciate the abundance of names, dates, and place names that are included within this wonderfully descriptive narrative. Anyone interested in the Buzzard's Bay area will enjoy the attention to detail that creates a vivid portrait of the land, its history, and its people.Mr. Bliss escorts readers on a tour of the Old Colony Town and Plymouth Rock that is filled with facts and interesting tidbits. Readers will begin their journey with a discussion of the Old Colony Town, Plymouth Rock, and pilgrims; followed by an examination of the Buzzard Bay area and life on Matinicus Rock. Additional fascinating accounts include: old roads near Buzzard's Bay; a day on the shore; Old Colony witch stories; a Thanksgiving; society in the menagerie; the mind of the author's dog; days on the North Atlantic; the flight of the Albatross; the last man on a wreck; and seven days in a jinrikisha. Stories are skillfully woven with humor and human interest that reflect the spirit of the time. (1893), 2004, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 223 pp. 101-CD2927 ISBN: 0788429272