CD: History of Lawrence, Massachusetts with War Records


CD: History of Lawrence, Massachusetts with War Records - Maurice B. Dorgan. This history of Lawrence is a revised and enlarged edition of "Lawrence-Yesterday and Today." It includes a more in depth history of the territory within the limits of Lawrence and of the development of the region by the first white settlers into Merrimack Valley following the founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629. "There is much of interest in the activities of the hardy Puritan pioneers who fought privation and savages in opening up this locality to the pursuits of civilization, and also in the activities of their descendants who developed the peaceful farming community that had occupied the site of Lawrence prior to the building of the dam." The purpose of this volume has been the creation of an easy reference work as well as a general history. Individual chapters allow coverage of detailed information on important subjects like early settlers; early roads, ferries and bridges; the building of the dam; landmarks; transportation; topography; industry; government; education; institutions; religion; law; social organizations and military involvement. A fullname index allows easy access to information about the citizens of Lawrence. (1924), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC & Mac, 316 pp.

ISBN: 0788429302