CD: History of Wallingford, Connecticut

CD: History of Wallingford, Connecticut - Charles Henry Stanley Davis, M.D.. This volume covers two hundred years of history with the purpose of portraying "the lives and actions of our puritan ancestors. They came to find an asylum for religious liberty…They found few helps and many hindrances to their growth and prosperity in a foreign land and under foreign rule, and they therefore undertook to rear a church and found a colony at the same time in the wilderness, whose vital principle should be the religious ideas for whose sake they had resigned the honors and braved the power of the English crown…The design of Local History is to preserve the memory of local events and enterprise; to record the manners and customs, the character and services, the sacrifices, the toils and the sufferings of our father; to glean from old records and family traditions, material which has been passed over by the historians of the State and country." In addition to the history, this volume contains biographies and genealogies as well as illustrations to highlight important places and to portray prominent citizens. A surname index and a genealogy index are included. (1870), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 995 pp. 101-CD2982 ISBN: 0788429825