CD: History of Delaware County and Ohio

CD: History of Delaware County and Ohio - O.L. Baskin. In this volume historians, W. H. Perrin and J. H. Battle, “have traced the tedious journey of the pioneer from homes of comfort and refinement to the untouched wilds of the West; have noted the rising cabins, the clearing of the forests, the privations of the early settlements, the heroic fortitude with which the pioneer surmounted these obstacles, and the patient toil that has ‘made the wilderness to blossom like rose;’ have marked the coming of the school master, and that greater teacher, the preacher, the rise of the schoolhouse and church, and their influence in molding society.” This volume is divided into three parts. Part One contains a history of the State of Ohio, from its earliest settlement to the late 1800s, embracing its topography, geological, physical and climatic features; its agricultureal, stock-growing and railroad interests; and its formation of government and participation in various wars. Part Two contains a history of Delaware County, giving an account of its aboriginal inhabitants; early settlement by the pioneers; its growth, its improvements, and organization of the county; its judicial and political history, its business and industries, churches, and schools; and its townships. Part Three contains biographical sketches of early settlers and prominent men. (1880), 2009, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 851 pp. 101-CD3108 ISBN: 0788431080