CD: Collections, Topographical, Historical and Biographical, Relating Principally to New Hampshire, Volumes 1-3


CD: Collections, Topographical, Historical and Biographical, Relating Principally to New Hampshire. Volumes 1-3 - J. Farmer and J. B. Moore. All three volumes together present a comprehensive history of New Hampshire. Emphasis has been placed on historical sketches of Indian wars and of the sufferings of captives; civil, political and ecclesiastical history; topographical sketches of various towns and counties in New Hampshire; memoirs, anecdotes or biographical sketches of eminent persons; original letters on various subjects; poetry; agricultural experiments and useful inventions; statistical tables; meteorological observations; literary notices; collections from American journals; casualties and deaths; and occurrences at home and abroad.

Volume 1 (1822) includes a memoir of Josiah Bartlett, the first Governor of New Hampshire and a biographical sketch of Col. Winthrop Hilton.

Volume 2 (1823) includes biographical sketches of Dr. Joshua Brackett, Father Sebastian Ralle, General Humphrey Atherton and many more. Also included is an account of the voyage of the Plymouth Pilgrims and of the first settlement of New Hampshire.

Volume 3 (1824) includes sketches of Nathaniel Peabody, John Paul Jones, The Cutt family and La Fayette. Also presented is the Declaration of Independence by New Hampshire in 1776, plus tales of the Revolution and the original Yankee Doodle.

Both Volumes 2 and 3 included appendices. Volumes 1 and 3 include fullname indices for easy reference; however, Volume 2 does not.

The book is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the work just as it was originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. There is no electronic index, and there is no electronic text to search. However, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. Image numbers will match the page numbers for all of the main text, as well as the index. Any unnumbered portraits and illustrations are at the back of the actual file, to keep page numbering consistent.

(1822-1824), 2004, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 1286 pp.

101-CD3211 ISBN: 0788432117