CD: Tercentenary History of Maryland, Volumes 1-4

CD: Tercentenary History of Maryland, Volumes 1-4 - Matthew Page Andrews. Volume One focuses on a history of the State of Maryland from the founding of the Province through the political events following the War of 1812 with illustrations of important people, places and events during that time period. Chapters include the Projecting, Founding and the Beginning of the Province; the Palatinate under the Puritan Regime; the Restoration; the Overthrow of the Proprietary Government; Colonial Readjustment under Royal Control; the Pre-Revolutionary Period, the Eve of the Revolution, and Maryland in the Revolution; the Critical Period under the Confederation; Establishing the More Perfect Union; Maryland in the War of 1812-1814; the Era of Growth and of Internal Improvements; Political Events Following the War of 1812; and Division and Reunion within Maryland. Volumes Two and Three focus on biographies of distinguished citizens with hundreds of portraits included. Volume Four concentrates on those citizens of Maryland who held high official station under the governments of the colony, the state, and the United States and those citizens who were officers in the various wars. Numerous portraits accompany the biographies. Volume One contains a table of contents and a list of illustrations and each volume includes an index for easy access to information. (1925), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 4 cd-rom set, 4036 pp. 101-CD3262 ISBN: 0788432621