CD: The Elusive Booths of Burrillville (Rhode Island)


An investigation of John Wilkes Booth's alleged wife and daughter

A detailed historical and genealogical investigation into Martha Izola Mills, and her actress daughter, Ogarita, who claimed (when they appeared in Burrillville, RI in the late 1800s) to be the wife and daughter, respectively, of John Wilkes Booth, the actor-assassin. Using a combination of primary and secondary sources, including family journals, the authors seek to establish the true identity of these women. In the process they undertake a massive genealogical man-hunt into a remarkably complex and convoluted family with strong theatrical and literary connections which continue down to the present generation.

Joyce G. Knibb and Patricia A. Mehrtens

(1991), 2005, CD, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 266 pp.

101-CD3515 ISBN: 0788435159