CD: Memoirs of Francis Atwater

CD: Memoirs of Francis Atwater - Francis Atwater . This work is a collection of genealogical and historical remembrances, mainly about Meriden, Connecticut, after the Civil War. The author came to Meriden in 1865 as a six-year-old orphan. At age eleven he became a printer's apprentice and remained in that profession for 44 years. He was a well-known newspaperman, writer, printer, publisher and philanthropist. During his newspaper career he came to know many of the citizens of Meriden, who are described here in brief and entertaining narratives, accompanied by many photographs. Atwater was a close friend of Clara Barton and helped to establish the American National Red Cross. An entire chapter describes Miss Barton's achievements and Atwater's long friendship with her. A wide variety of topics and people are covered in this work: Meriden ministers, the early police force, old political days, histories and genealogy of the towns of Plymouth and Kent, Atwater Genealogy, "Meriden Men of Mark," Old Railroad Recollections, the Wallingford tornado, the development of manufacturing, Meriden businesses and much more. A delightful book. (1922), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 313 pp. 101-CD3532 ISBN: 0788435329