CD: Nantucket [Massachusetss]: The Far-Away Island

CD: Nantucket [Massachusetss]: The Far-Away Island - William Oliver Stevens. The American village is both beautiful and redolent of history. Passed over by the Industrial Revolution, these farming hamlets were "spared to charm a generation that had almost forgotten that leisure and simplicity ever existed…Of these villages, Nantucket is the queen. To a greater degree than any other, Nantucket possesses the special virtues of the American village." Through his words and drawings the author has tried "to catch as far as possible the particular charm of this little island town, its rich history, with its traditions, its characters, its streets and wharves and houses, and its surrounding moors…she sits on her low hills, still looking out upon the sea from which her ships have long since vanished." Although no longer the mistress of a great and heroic industry, Nantucket is well worth knowing as "she has not forgotten her past, and she has actually gained in beauty." This book serves as an introduction to the "Little Grey Lady of the Sea." (1936), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, v6, 325 pp. 101-CD3543 ISBN: 0788435434