CD: Maryland: Its Resources, Industries and Institutions

CD: Maryland: Its Resources, Industries and Institutions - Members of Johns Hopkins University and Others. "Perhaps nowhere else in the world is there a coast-line proportionately so extensive, or any country offering such facilities for water transportation as tide-water Maryland." In addition to commerce and transportation, the bounty from the rivers, creeks, coves, estuaries and the bay itself provides thriving industries. Settlements gradually spread back from the bay coast to the uplands, where wheat and maize joined tobacco as important agricultural crops. When the western section of Maryland was opened up, "the great deposits of iron and coal came to the front as a new field for industry and source of wealth…" Out of the twenty-three counties, the "four most westerly counties extend through the systems of mountain ranges known as the Alleghany and the Blue Ridge; east of these is the Piedmont region, gently inclining towards tide-water, and on both sides of the bay lies the Coastal Plain." Of the twenty-three counties only seven do not lie on navigable waters. "Maryland presents a great variety of configuration, soil and climate." This portrait of Maryland shows the state's many resources, industries and institutions as well as its history. (1893), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, v6, index, 582 pp. 101-CD3549 ISBN: 0788435493