CD: A History of the Town of Union [Knox County], Maine

CD: A History of the Town of Union, Maine - John Langdon Sibley. The town of Union is in Lincoln County and is twenty-eight miles east-south-east of Augusta and eight miles from the head of the tidewaters of St. George’s River at Warren. For more than a century, the French and the English alternately claimed jurisdiction over this territory. The first Europeans who located themselves in town, probably arrived in September or October, 1772. Archibald Anderson and James Anderson, from the part of Warren called Stirling; James Malcom, from Cushing; and John Crawford, from the upper part of Warren Village, ascended St. George’s River to “take up” land. This book tells the reader the history of Union, Maine from the first settlers to the time of the book’s first publication in 1851. Topics of interest include: geography; ante-plantation history and plantation history; incorporation (1786) and settlers after the incorporation; population; mineral and arboral products; agricultural and horticultural products; manufactures and trade; highways and bridges; superstitions; municipal history; the first meeting house; and an overview of ecclesiastical, political, financial, educational, military, and zoological matters. Also included is a family register, pertaining to residents before the year 1800 and to their families and descendants. Families are listed alphabetically. The original full name plus subject index is also included. (1851), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, v6, index, 554 pp. 101-CD3655 ISBN: 0788436554