CD: A Biographical Sketch of Major Edward E. Hartwick

CD: A Biographical Sketch of Major Edward E. Hartwick, Together with a Compilation of Major Hartwick’s Letters and Diaries Written During the Spanish-American and World Wars - Gordon K. Miller. “Major Hartwick’s life was one of vivid experience through two wars, of service to his fellow, devoted attention to his family and honorable participation in business affairs...His letters and diaries written during his service in both the Spanish-American and World Wars are invaluable, not only historically, but in showing the thoughts of one engaged in the grim business of war.” Edward E. Hartwick had the keen desire to find and learn new things, a trait which never left him. This unwillingness to lose a moment characterized him throughout his life. The biographical sketches details his personal background, his education, his family life with his wife and three sons, his military service and his business acumen. His diaries and journals provide a personal glimpse of both the man and his military life. (1921), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, v6, 140 pp. 101-CD3656 ISBN: 0788436562