CD: Woodside, The North End of Newark, New Jersey


This narrative history was "originally undertaken merely as a family reminiscence, but Mr. C. C. Hine's life was so interwoven with the later life of Woodside that what was intended as a brief sketch to illustrate a series of photographs has gradually grown into a book covering the story of the region now known as Woodside," New Jersey. Part I examines the early history of Woodside, prior to 1866. Until 1869, Woodside was a purely agricultural district and contained only four notable roads: River Road, Back Road, Old Bloomfield Road and Murphy's Lane. There was also one crossroad known as Division Road. The history and legends of each of these roads, prior to 1867, are presented in guidebook fashion.Part II discusses C. C. Hine and his times, briefly covering the period of personal recollections and the development of Woodside as a residential area. An account of the Presbyterian Church in Woodside is included. Part III relates anecdotes of and matters personal to C. C. Hine, the author's father. This account includes extracts from a "private" book, obituary notices and other sources. A portrait of Charles C. Hine augments this section. Appendices include a Report of the First Year of the Woodside Sunday School (organized in 1867); the First Annual Report of the Township Committee of the Township of Woodside, Essex County, for the Year Ending April 6th 1870; and the Annual Report of the District Clerk of [the] Township of Woodside, August 31, 1869. A map of Woodside in 1849, several vintage photographs, and a full name plus subject index enhance the text.

Charles C. Hine

(1909), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 354 pp. 

ISBN: 0788436767