CD: Geological Survey of New Jersey, Bulletin 13

CD: Geological Survey of New Jersey, Bulletin 13. Indian Habitations in Sussex County, New Jersey and Indian Remains Near Plainfield, Union County, and Along the Lower Delaware Valley - Max Schrabisch and Leslie Spier. Max Schrabisch spent four and a half months in a systematic exploration of Indian camp and village sites in Sussex County, New Jersey. "Leslie Spier spent a short time on investigations near Plainsfield, along the creeks of Gloucester and Salem counties and in the drainage area of Maurice River. The results of this work was to add much to our knowledge of the character and distribution of Indian habitations in New Jersey." Two hundred and thirty four sites were located. Of particular interest, were twenty-five rock shelters found on these sites. The rock shelters yielded considerable material: fragments of pottery; and implements created for war, hunting and domestic use. This book examines the physical features of Sussex County, the selection and distribution of sites, rock shelters, burial grounds, trails, and raw materials used in the manufacture of stone implements. Descriptions and locations of the camp and village sites are provided. Maps indicating the distribution of Indian remains, illustrations of ground plans, several photographs of decorated potsherds, and a full name plus subject index enhance the text. (1915), 2005, CD,Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 118 pp. 101-CD3677 ISBN: 0788436775