CD: Town Records of Brookline, Massachusetts, 1858-1871

CD: Town Records of Brookline, Massachusetts, 1858-1871 - B. F. Baker. These volumes contain complete transcriptions of the public records of the town of Brookline, Massachusetts, as compiled by the town clerk for the years 1858 through 1871 in Volume I and 1872 through 1884 in Volume II. These concise entries are generally concerned with annual town meetings, public hearings regarding repairs and improvements to town property, and general elections for federal, state, county and local officials. A diverse assortment of town officials, witnesses to documents, selectmen, constables, assessors, surveyors, trustees for the public library, auditors, electors, governors, lieutenant-governors, county commissioners, senators, jurors and members of various committees are frequently noted in the test, forming a veritable gold mine of genealogical data. Local militia is also listed with an updated roster included for each year covered. Those rosters corresponding to the years of the Civil War in particular are quite extensive. The text is indexed for both full names and subjects. (1892), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 1371 pp. 101-CD3756 ISBN: 0788437569