CD: A Biographical Record of Clark County, Ohio

CD: A Biographical Record of Clark County, Ohio - S. J. Clarke Publishing Company. According to the greatest of English historians, Macaulay, "The history of a country is best told in a record of the lives of its people." These biographies have been written from accounts of the people themselves rather than "musty records" and "dry statistical matter." These biographies show how the people of Clark County, Ohio through hard work and education have accumulated wealth and risen in position and influence within the county and beyond. "Coming generations will appreciate this volume and preserve it as a sacred treasure, from the fact that it contains so much that would never find its way into public records, and which would otherwise be inaccessible." Portraits of many citizens highlight the text and a fullname index creates easy access to each biography. (1902), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe v6, PC and Mac, 824 pp. 101-CD3767 ISBN: 0788437674