CD: Accomack County, Virginia Land Causes, 1728-1825

CD: Accomack, Virginia Land Causes, 1728-1825 - Stratton Nottingham. This work was originally published in 1930. Has been retyped, reindexed, and reprinted in 1999. This publication consists of land causes or chancery suits for dower, division of lands, ejectment proceedings &c., giving in full the declaration of the plaintiff, the answer of the defendants, the verdict of the jury, depositions, in many instances giving the date of birth, death, and marriage of the parties; land is traced from the original patent to about 1825. The records include those of the District Court as well as those of the County Court. The suits for division or ejectment when any of the interested parties have left the county or State, their then place of residence is given. Also depositions of unusual interest. (1930, 1999), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 177 pp. 101-CD3864 ISBN: 0788438646