CD: The Descendants of George Holmes of Roxbury, Massachusetts 1594-1908

CD: The Descendants of George Holmes of Roxbury, Mass. 1594-1908 - George A. Gray. George Holmes was born in Nazing, England, in 1594 and died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1645. George, and his wife Deborah, settled in Roxbury between 1637 and 1639. This genealogy of their descendants spans three centuries and traces lines of descent "of which no previous record has been attempted." The author visited every county seat in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and the principle ones in Maine, making abstracts of probate court records, deeds, country institution records, and town records. "Churches, lodges, cemeteries, courts, town records, wills, deeds, societies, aged persons, old bibles, and diaries, etc., all have a story to tell." Entries typically contain (as available) the date and place of birth; date, place and cause of death; place of residence; date and place of marriage; name of wife; date and place of wife's birth, names of wife's parents; children. Varying amounts of biographical detail such as occupation, military service, and other personal information enhance the entries. The listing of children frequently include date and place of birth; date of death; name of husband; names of their children; and occasionally, tidbits of biographical information. A brief section is devoted to the Holmes of Woodstock, Connecticut, beginning with John Holmes who was born c1664, probably in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The format used on this CD preserves the look of the original page, however, there is no electronic index and the CD is not electronically searchable. The original index to subjects, an everyname index, and three vintage photographs are included. (1908), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 445 pp. 101-CD3889 ISBN: 0788438891