CD: The German Immigrant in America

CD: The German Immigrant in America - Don Tolzmann. First published in 1851, this guidebook contained advice on how to attain success in the New World. It addressed the concerns of immigrants in general and the value of sharing one's experiences with those left behind. German-speaking immigrants, in a predominantly English-speaking country, needed basic information and guidance. Many sought out immigrant advice books. Numerous guidebooks were published in the nineteenth century and one of the most popular was F. W. Bogen's Guidebook. It was published in America by a German-American minister and was thus considered to be a reliable source. It appeared in a bilingual edition, which assisted German immigrants in learning the English language. Germans were advised to learn and master English in order to be successful, but, at the same time, Bogen stressed that Germans should also preserve their heritage. Bogen's guidebook also distinguished itself from other guidebooks by providing sound general advice and a philosophy for success rather than hundreds of details and facts. This book provides insight into German immigrant ancestors and addresses some central questions facing them when they first arrived. What did they seek? What did they find? 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC and Mac, 150 pp. 101-CD3895 ISBN: 0788438956