CD: History of York County, Pennsylvania, 2 Volumes


CD: History of York County, Pennsylvania, 2 Volumes - George R. Powell. Volume 1 tells the story of the early settlements west of the Susquehanna, the controversy between the Provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania during the Colonial period and the settlement of the Quakers, the Germans and the Scotch-Irish in York County. The patriotism of the people of York County during the French and Indian War, The Revolution, The War of 1812, the Mexican War, The Civil War and the Spanish-American War shines in the pages of this history. However, the growth and development of the business, manufacturing and farming interests of York County are presented in greatest detail. Also included is "a special history of the City of York, every borough and township in the County, and chapters devoted to the Press, the Bench and Bar, Medical profession, religious and educational interests." Volume 2 contains the genealogical records of prominent and influential families of York County. "These records show the development and progress of the community from the first settlement and are a useful contribution to history and a valuable legacy to future generations…The views of industrial establishments and the portraits of living men who have forged to the front and made themselves conspicuous in the affairs of York County also appear in the work."

(1907), 2005, CD, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC & Mac, 2 CD set, 2402 pp.

101-CD4054 ISBN: 0788440543