CD: The Record, First Presbyterian Church of Morristown, New Jersey Volumes I-V


This record contains two parts. Part One, Volumes One and Two, covers the period of January, 1880-December, 1881 by Rev. Rufus S. Green with a supplement containing a report of the Church and Roll of Members. Part Two, Volumes Three through Five, covers the period of January, 1883-December, 1885 by Rev. William Durant. The minutes of the Trustees form Part One of the history of the church. The baptisms, marriages, list of members and burials are included in Part Two. Together they form the combined Registers and a history of the Church from 1880-1885.

Rufus S. Green and William Durant

2005, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC and Mac, 192 pp.

ISBN: 9780788441097