CD: Preliminary Inventory of the Records Relating to Civil War Claims United States and Great Britian: Record Group 76, No. 135


CD: Preliminary Inventory of the Records Relating to Civil War Claims United States and Great Britain: Record Group 76, No. 135 - George S. Ulibarri and Daniel T. Groggin. "The differences between the United States and Great Britain that grew out of the Civil War, as well as questions concerning boundaries, navigation, and fisheries that had been a long-time source of irritation, made it difficult for the two countries to carry on friendly diplomatic relations." In 1871 both countries agreed that a Joint High Commission, composed of five representatives from each country, should be established to negotiate a treaty that would provide the means for settling their chief differences. The Treaty of Washington, consisting of 43 articles, was signed on May 8, 1871. "Articles 1-11 provided that the claims of United States citizens against Great Britain that resulted from actions of the Confederate cruisers should be arbitrated at Geneva to determine the extent of British responsibility…" The Geneva Tribunal granted the United States an award for a group of claims against Great Britain, and then the United States established a domestic claims commission to examine the validity of each claim within the group and divide the award. "Articles 12-17 provided for the establishment of a Mixed Claims Commission to settle claims of British subjects against the United States and claims of United States Citizens against Great Britain…that arose out of acts committed against persons or property during the Civil War. The remaining 26 articles provided for procedures to settle questions on boundaries, navigation, and the North Atlantic fisheries." This inventory describes only the records that relate to claims resulting from the Civil War.

(1962), 2006, CD, Adobe Acrobat, v6, Graphic Images, PC and Mac, 28 pp.

101-CD4201 ISBN: 0788442015