CD: The Story of the Revolution


These two volumes detail the story of the Revolutionary War in twenty-two chapters. In Volume One, Chapter One begins with The First Step; Chapter Two-The First Blow; Chapter Three-The Second Congress; Chapter Four-The Reply to Lord Sandwich; Chapter Five-The Siege of Boston; Chapter Six-The Spread of Revolution; Chapter Seven-Independence; Chapter Eight-The Fight for the Hudson; Chapter Nine-Trenton and Princeton; Chapter Ten-The Burgoyne Campaign; Chapter Eleven-The Results of Saratoga and Chapter Twelve-Fabius. In Volume Two, Chapter One begins with How the West Was Saved; Chapter Two-The Invasion of Georgia; Chapter Three-The South Rises in Defense; Chapter Four-King's Mountain and the Cowpens; Chapter Five-Greene's Campaign in the South; Chapter Six-The Test of Endurance; Chapter Seven-Yorktown; Chapter Eight-How Peace Was Made; Chapter Nine-How the War Ended and Chapter Ten-The Meaning of the American Revolution. Volume Two also includes The Declaration of Independence, The Paris Treaty and General Washington's Address to Congress on Resigning His Commission. Both volumes are filled with illustrations and maps and include a subject, place and everyname index.

Henry Cabot Lodge

(1898), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 660 pp.

ISBN: 0788442279