CD: The Pullman Car Works Standard (1916-1919) and Index


CD: The Pullman Car Works Standard (1916-1919) and Index - Janice Helge. "Founded in 1867 by George M. Pullman as Pullman's Palace Car Company, the Pullman name became known world-wide as the ultimate in railroad travel luxury. The factory and town of Pullman were built i\n 1880 to 1885, about thirteen miles south of Chicago, Illinois. The expanding company needed skilled workers for the new factory and recruited skilled employees from overseas." The population in the area included German, Dutch, Irish, French, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Swedish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Armenian, Italian and Ukrainian immigrants. "Because of the diversity of these immigrant nationalities, the area is a rich resource for family and local historians, sociologists and genealogists." In addition to church and school records, local newspapers, census records, address directories and the Pullman Company employee records, The Pullman Car Works Standard newsletter, published at the Chicago area factory site, is an excellent resource. The newsletter included historical information on the company as well as social news such as births, deaths and marriages, plus company and family photographs and articles on topics such as: local churches, recreational activities, the war effort, and company departments. A separate every name index covers all four volumes and provides easy access to information.

(1916-1919), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 7 CD set, 748 pp.

101-CD4244 ISBN: 0788442449