CD: Early Western Travels, 1748-1846: Volume I


Journals of Conrad Weiser (1748), George Croghan (1750-1765), Christian Frederick Post (1758), and Thomas Morris (1764)

Conrad Weiser's tour was the first official journey undertaken for the English colonies, to the west of the mountain wall. His purpose was to carry a present from the Pennsylvania and Virginia authorities to the tribesmen on the Ohio. George Croghan's journal provides an Indian history of the time. In 1750 he was "on the Ohio enroute to the Shawnee towns and Pickawillany; the next season, he outwitted Joncaire on the Allegheny." In 1754 he was on the Ohio after Washington has passed; in 1755 he tells of affairs after Braddock's defeat; in 1756 he gives particulars of Indian affairs; in 1757 he gives a resume of past events. In 1760-61 he deals with the trip to Detroit via Lake Erie, in the company of Roger's Rangers, and the return by land to Pittsburg. In 1765 he travels down the Ohio towards the Illinois where he was captured and carried to Ouiatanon, where he made peace with Pontiac and returned to Niagara. Christian Frederick Post's journals cover the months of July to September, 1758 and October 1758 to January, 1759. He was an official messenger to the Indians. Thomas Morris accompanied Bradstreet in 1764 on an expedition towards Detroit. His journal details his arrest and mistreatment at the Ottawa village at Maumee Rapids, his journey to Fort Miami and narrow escape from being burned at the stake, and his escape through the woods to Detroit.

Reuben Gold Thwaites

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