CD: History of Stark County, with an Outline Sketch of Ohio


This history is divided into three parts. Part One covers the history of the state of Ohio. The chapters include information on topography and geology; Indian tribes; early exploration, settlement by and claims of the English, French traders and American pioneers; the organization of counties, division of the Ohio territory, and the formation of the State and the State government; the War of 1812; the Mexican War; and the growth of the state, education and agriculture. Part Two covers the history of Stark County. The chapters include the geology of the county and the early inhabitants; the organization of the county; early church history; war history; the legal system; and the medical system. In addition the history of each early city and township is covered in its own chapter. These chapters include the City of Canton, Perry Township, the City of Massillon, Lexington Township, the City of Alliance, Lawrence Township, Nimishillen Township, Sandy Township, Osnaburg Township, Plain Township, Paris Township, Tuscarawas Township, Sugar Creek Township, Pike Township, Jackson Township, Bethlehem Township, Lake Township, Marlborough Township and Washington Township. Part Three includes biographical sketches separated by city or township.

William Henry Perrin

(1881), Graphic Image, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1040 pp.

ISBN: 9780788444777