CD: Boston Records, Selectmens Minutes, 1742-1822


The matters discussed by the Selectmen were mostly of local interest. Volume One covers January 1, 1742-3 through December 31, 1753. "Beacon Hill is mentioned, and the town's rights defined…The enlargement of King's Chapel, and the building of a new Latin School, are herein recorded." Many other interesting items relate to town lands, lines, and streets. Volume Two covers the years 1754-1763. These records include the burning of Faneuil Hall, the period of the French Wars and Boston's increasing importance as a seaport and the grants and orders affecting real estate. Volume Three covers the years 1764-1768. Of greatest importance was the outbreak of small-pox which caused a severe blow to the prosperity of the town. Other topics include the schools, the fire department, the prohibition of gaming, and the acquisition of three water-color views of Boston. Volume Four covers the years 1769-1775. At this time the Record Commissioners' Department was consolidated with the Registry Department. Volume Five covers the years 1776-1786. Volume Six covers the years 1787-1798. Volume Seven covers the years 1799-1810. Volume Eight covers the years 1811-1818. Volume Nine covers the years 1818-1822. Each volume contains subject, place and name indices.

Record Commissioners of the City of Boston

(1887-1909), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 3256 pp.

ISBN: 0788444816