CD: The Catalogue of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Eighth Edition, 1918


"Phi Delta Theta was organized with three principal objects: First, the cultivation of friendship among its members; second, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture; third, the attainment personally of a high standard of morality. These objects are declared in "The Bond of the Phi Delta Theta," which every member admitted to the Fraternity pledges himself to uphold." This catalogue provides a brief history of the Fraternity from 1848-1918; a Roll of Chapters; a Roll of Alumni Clubs; a List of Conventions; a List of Members of the General Council; a list of Prominent Members; a list of membership of the Chapters by Periods; the Roll of Chapters; and lists of members by state, chapter and year. A detailed table of contents, a geographical directory and a fullname index provide easy access to all information contained in the catalogue.

W. J. Maxwell

(1918), 2008, CD, Grpahic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 1080 pp.

ISBN: 9780788445651