CD: The New Annual Army List, Militia List, And Indian Civil Service List, For 1876

CD: The New Annual Army List, Militia List, And Indian Civil Service List, For 1876, (Being The Thirty-Seventh Annual Volume,) Containing Dates Of Commissions, And A Statement Of The War Services And Wounds Of Nearly Every Officer In The Army, Ordnance, Marines, And Indian Staff Corps, And Indian Local Forces, Corrected To The 31st December, 1875, With An Index - Major General H. G. Hart . The lists in the volume include Aides de Camp to the Queen; Field Marshals; General Officers; Colonels; Lieutenant Colonels; Majors; Officers Who Have Passed Through the Staff College; Staff; Staff College; Garrisons; Ordnance Manufacturing Establishments; Military Academies; Hibernian Military School; Military Prisons; Rewards for Distinguished Services; Chelsea Hospital; Kilmainham Hospital; Life Guards; the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms; Military Knights of Windsor; Yeoman of the Guard; Dragoon Guards; Dragoons and other Cavalry;, Royal Regiment of Horse Guards; Royal Artillery; Royal Engineers; Foot Guards; Numbered Foot Regiments; West India Regiments; Cavalry Depot at Canterbury; Departments: Chaplains, Commissariat, Artillery Studies, Medical, and Veterinarian; Schools of Gunnery, Military Engineering, Musketry; Recruiting Staff; Malta Fencibles; Staff Officers of Pensioners; Rifle Brigade; Royal Marines; Officers of the Local Indian Army; Madras Army; Bengal Army; Bombay Army; Indian Staff Corp; Indian Civil Service; Officers of the Garter, Thistle, St. Patrick, the Bath, St. Michael and St. George, the Star of India; the Victoria Cross; Retired Officers-Full Pay and Half Pay; Gold Decorations; Medals; and the Militia. (1876), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 770 pp. 101-CD4653 ISBN: 0788446533