CD: Fairfax County, Virginia Minute/Order Books, 1749-1808

CD: Fairfax County, Virginia Minute/Order Books, 1749-1808 - Patricia Duncan. This CD-Rom contains abstracts of the Fairfax County, Virginia Minute and Order Books, covering the years 1749–1808. Readers should note that several books are missing, having been destroyed over time, probably during the Civil War. The existing records are available at the courthouse in Fairfax, as well as on microfilm available through the Interlibrary Loan Service of the Library of Virginia. Most of the information presented here is an exact transcription of the entry, while some are shorter abstracts. Author additions are enclosed in brackets. Following the introduction, the article, “Getting the Most from Virginia’s Court Records: Order Books, Minute Books & Ended Causes,” reprinted by permission of the author, Victor S. Dunn, CG©, gives a detailed explanation as to the value of the information in the Order Books and how it can be beneficial in genealogical research. This article points out the wide variety of information that can be found in Order and Minute books including: records of minors, probate and land records, immigration and indentured servants, tithable information, road orders, military records, occupational licenses and civil appointments, moral offenses, and court suits. Record access, research tips, and the importance of ended cause loose papers complete this article. 2013, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 2190 pp. 101-CD5500 ISBN: 0788455001